Chronicles of a Longliner – Gary Jepson


new-32199_640Ride along for 50 years of long line trapping with Gary in his new book “Chronicles of a Longliner”.  Professional rancher, farrier, lure maker, and trapper Gary Jepson recounts his trapline experiences of over half a century.  As a boy, Gary remembers growing up in western North Dakota, “When we rode out of the home place, you would go 23 miles before you hit a fence”.  Much of the lifestyle of the Wild West was still a way of life, and working with the land and animals was how a man made a living;  or went broke trying.  Lessons learned about predators, horses, and life as told by one of the most successful trappers operating today.  Featuring set illustrations by noted outdoor artist Joe Goodman.  Softcover, 369 pages.

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